Where there is light, there are shadows.

The play of light and shadow makes the elements of the interior design outstanding, highlights their quality and gives the apartment a constantly unique look at every moment. Nature is the best artist. The interior of the apArts' apartments is, in many ways, inspired by the art that the building historically housed, but also reflects the natural beauty of the summer capital by the sea, the sunshine, the hot sandy beach, and the Nordic coolness of the sea.

The Sun

Inspired by the summer and the sun, beaches and holidays, this interior design uses caramel tones. Bathrooms include beige floor tiles, while kitchen surfaces are done in soft tones. Upholstered furniture, carpets, and window coverings are in colors that give a warm look. The apartment, with its high ceilings, plenty of space, and sunlight, is sure to make you feel great.

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The Sea

Just like foamy waves on a dark sea and cool shadows on a sunny day, Mare's apartments are characterized by fascinating color contrasts. The beautiful white floors of the bathrooms are balanced by walls in gray tones. Small luxurious details and black light fixtures, combined with the oak parquet floors give an extraordinary and refined look. Minimalist white interior elements add a special note and all together create very special and elegant effect of light and shadow. Everything is well-balanced here.

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